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Braces and Roots is the Best Dental Clinic in Kurnool who promises to offer a quality Dental Care Services and provide long-lasting dental solutions in the most effective way by inducing less pain and promising greater relief to all our patients.

Quality Doctors

A great team of highly-qualified and experienced dentists readily available at your service.

Reliable Service

Our patients rely on our dental care services and recommend us to their family and friends.

Quality Equipment

At Braces and Roots, we use the advanced dental care equipment to provide effective dental treatment.

Advanced Dentistry

Efficient enough to handle a simple teeth whitening to advanced dentistry like dental implants.

Revolutionary new state of the art German Technology.


Revolutionary new state of the art German Technology. Using the principles of 3D printing, you can do Veneers, Crowns, Large fillings ..


A modern approach to straightening teeth..


Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom made series of aligners created for you and only you...

15 Years of Quality Service in Dental Practice and counting…

Dr. Abdul Wahab is highly qualified and experienced Orthodontist carrying almost two-decades of rich experience in the dental practice. His initial practice as a full-time dentist began abroad in Dubai and in the last two decades, he had treated close to thousands of patients globally.
With such deep knowledge and global exposure, Dr Wahab has now returned to Kurnool town, his original roots with an agenda to establish a world-class dental care hospital in Kurnool town. This had been a long-time dream for Dr. Wahab which has now turned true in the form of Braces and Roots.

Trained Staff

Well knowledgeable and skilled staff ready to assist you on your every single visit.

Quality Treatment

Our quality and effective dental treatment procedures are our utmost strengths.

Efficient Services

We ensure a one-time and long-lasting resolutions for all your dental problems.

Our Clinical Services

Braces and Roots offers plethora of dental treatments ranging from attending to simple dental care services such as teeth whitening, root canal treatment, to performing complex procedures like impactions surgeries, inducing fillings, bridges & implants and going all the way in handling extractions (surgical removal) of cavities/milky /disfigured/wisdom teeth. You name it, we fix it!

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Our Doctors Team

Dr. Abdul Wahab
MDS, Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Abdul Wahab is a highly qualified and experienced dentist carrying almost two-decades of ...

Dr. Sayed Sumiya
MDS, Specialist Endodontist

Dr. Sayed Sumiya is a specialist in endodontics and is passionate in delivering the highest standard ...

Dr. V. Naresh Kumar
Prosthodontist & Implantologist

He is a consultant implantologist and prosthodontist for several leading corporate hospitals in Hyderabad...

Dr.Dinesh Singh Chauhan R
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Dinesh Singh is now Professor & Head Dental Department, RVM medical College in Siddipet ...

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Just about anyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. At Braces &,Roots Clinic our dentists and hygienists will have to assess your teeth and overall oral health to determine if you are fit to do the procedure.

A naturally white smile is a wonderful asset anyone can have. Ideally, the color of your teeth should match the whites of your eyes.
Teeth whitening is safe for healthy teeth and it does not damage the enamel. The in-office whitening gel’s active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which breaks down into oxygen that removes the stain and makes your teeth whiter while leaving your tooth structure unchanged.
Results can last at varying lengths depending on your genes, lifestyle and oral hygiene, but in general, they can last for up to a year. Top up treatments every 3-6 months (or as prescribed by your clinician) will help maintain a beautiful sheen, especially if you smoke or drink coffee or tea.

What Our Patient Say

“Dr. Wahab is the best Dentist in the town. He knows his patients and how to handle the needs of the patient. Dr. Wahab works hard at making you comfortable and relaxed. And their clinic is equipped with the best state-of-the-art dental equipment!”


“I strongly recommend the services of Dr. Abdul Wahab and his Braces and Roots dental clinic. I visited recently as a new patient requiring treatment. I found the reception staff to be most welcoming, approachable, and professional.”


“Very happy with the services of Dr Wahab. Our family of five has been seeking dental care advice from Dr. Abdul Wahab regularly. We praise highly for his team and their services. All my children were referred for orthodontic work.”


“I would like to show my appreciations to Dr Wahab and his dental care treatment. He offers extremely professional service and always strives to help and accommodate patients like me. Moreover, Dr Abdul Wahab is extremely professional.”


“I had a brown front crown and I visited Dr. Wahab and he responded immediately and said he would gladly assist me. I found his entire services and the whole treatment procedure very professional, accommodating and friendly.”