Dental Hygiene Session

Dental Hygiene Session

Your secret is safe with us.

Our dental hygienists at Braces & Roots Clinic in Kurnool are specially trained, licensed practitioners whose core focus is to carry out preventative dental care. Our dental hygienists will examine your mouth for signs of oral diseases and carry out prophylactic treatments to help stop or prevent progression of gum diseases.

Why visit a dental hygienist?

No matter how well we brush or floss, there will still be parts of the mouth that we won’t be able to clean by yourself. Dental hygienists have years of training and all the instruments needed to thoroughly remove any plaque, calculus and surface staining on the teeth. Even our dentists see their hygienists to keep their teeth clean and prevent gum disease.

It is recommended that we see a hygienist every six months. However, people wearing braces or those with diabetes may be advised to have their hygiene appointments more frequently.

Reasons to visit a hygienist
  • Oral health screening
  • Comprehensive teeth cleaning and polishing
  • Removes surface stains on your teeth
  • Helps prevent bad breath
  • Education on efficient oral hygiene techniques
  • Counseling on nutrition and oral health
  • Fluoride application (as necessary)
  • Teeth whitening treatments